Zucchini Parmiggiana

Zucchini Parmiggiana from Nica’s Market.
in their signature sauces. welcome to the show you two, great to have you. husband and wife team. >> good to be here, thank you. >> we’ree excited. you have flooded our kitchen with wonderful food. f talk about what we will makeak today. >> tod ay we will make a zkucchini parmggiana, we show people how to use zuchini. >> sounds dedslicious. you want to get us started and we will get going. >> sure. >> we will dance around the kitchen, make yourself at rshome here. >> by the time you slice your zucchini, i put the sauce in the — th >> i will slice the zucchini. >> when you get ready toge start this dish, first things dib first, are you heating up olive oil. >> the zucchini retain as lot of water so you wants it to drain. the cold water, ptut them on aa paper towel, dry them up and then we start. >> perfect, that is what we’re doing first. so we chopped our zucchini, ncow what is the next



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