Zona 78

Zona 78 is Tucson’s premiere destination for artisan pizza, Italian specialties, and an eclectic selection of wines, spirits, and beers. They offer a little of everything at Zona 78: wine tastings, Tucson’s best happy hour, service that goes the extra mile; all in Zona 78′s warm, upbeat atmosphere. They are proud to tell you that Zona 78 has been voted Tucson’s Best Casual Dining restaurant, Best Family Dining restaurant and Tucson’s Best Happy Hour. “Life is Good” at Zona 78!
>>> well, with a record of being voted tucson’s best casual dining restaurant,g dining restaurant and best happy hour there’s proof life is good at zona 78. >> not just life, the artisan pizzas, italian specialties and decadent desserts, too. >> here to give us a taste of dolce vita is the chef, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> israel or izzy we’re going to call you for the segment, what you like to be called, i love the catch phrase at zona 78, let me read it out, pizza with a passion, salad with soul and wine with everything. >> wine with everything, yes. >> wine with everything. so what is it about this restaurant that keeps people coming back for more? >> well, we’ll usually start with all organic, fresh ingredients. we use a lot of farms that are here in tucson already. we buy a lot of produce from them. we try to keep it as local and organic as possible so i mean, you can re



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