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>>> a look at the east coast, of las vegas is here to make it a stress-free experience. we want to welcome ceo brian lindsey of zippy shell, thank you for coming here today you and i were talking about this and the concept is people put their items in these big container or shelfs and move to where they’re going. >>> local or long distance moveo and climate-controlled storage. 100% carried interior climate-controlled storage. >>> a lot of people are choosing this route because it is a good way to store things temporarily if you’re making a move that isn’t just all at once is that right? >>> if you have a house closing that falls through and need storage for a few days or few years. t works very nicely as long or as short as you need. >>> you have been in town how long? and how did you get into this? we’ve been in town and the way i got into this, i was a corporate guy, a director of nati



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