Zinc Restaurant

Zinc Restaurant is one of dozens of restaurants particpating in the 5th New Haven Restaurant Week.
>>> one thing that defines new haven is its award-winning cuis ine. there is something for everybody ap petite. casey is the chef at zinc, loca ted in the heart of the city. and welcome, casey. >> it’s good to be here. >> it’s wonderful to have you with us, and we’re also here to ta lk about “restaurant week” coming up. >> absolutely. >> and when is that happening? >> it’s november 7-12, and it’s a sunday through a friday, and lu nch and dinner, lunch is $16 and change, and dinner is $29, and lunch is two courses, and dinn er is thee courses. >> and you’ve been doing this for how long n ow? >> this is our fifth one, so we did it from the very first. >> and so, obviously, it’s been very popular, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this? >> it is popular, and more rest aurants are jumping onboard. it’s a good opportunity for people to visit multiple restaurants in a week or maybe go to restaur



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