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>> our kitchen by design, always beautiful, always by design. hi, chef. >> hi. >> good to see you again. >> chef valerie, from zest. >> thank you for having me. >> aphrodisiac, topic of conversation. >> valentine’s day. >> day of love. >> a topic. >> we have taken every, well, every item on our valentine’s menu, which is a special menu that we are doing all weekend including monday,s aphrodisiacs in it. >> really? >> what i will start with, the item that everyone’s mind goes to when you say aphrodisiac is an oyster. we’ll fry them and barbecue butter to go over them. >> the things in the barbecue butter that are known are said aphrodisiacs are, they are chilis, pepper, garlic and coriander is a big one. >> really? coriander? >> it is a seed of cilantro. >> really? >> it has a citrusy, bright flavor when you use the seed. then you know what it tastes like. >> gets you in the mood. >> the



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