Zeppoles galore
count on. (ek) today marks the feast of saint joseph. so – to honor the patron saint of workers… kick off your shoes… sit back… and enjoy a sweet treat. zeppoles are here! the rhode show’s ben hague hit the ha kitchen at lasalle bakery in providence – to find out exactly what goes into this hidelicious pastry’s ‘sproduction. st. joseph’s day is here ph and that means one nething, zeppoles! tonight – we’re taking you behind the scenes – to see the process that t goes into making them. its an italian treat thatha really only makes an appearance once a year, these delicate pastries ca are an extra special s experience, no matter how many people it takes. “we have a crew full off people ofriends come into help.” to really apprecia to really appreciate aea traditional whipped creme zapala, you have to know its history. the pastry was originally fried dough in the shape of a hammer, in h



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