Behind the scene of making Zeppolas.
calendar. if you live in rhode island… you know – that saint josaint joseph’s day and zeppoles – go hand in hand. “ri has a very big phenomenon with zeppole..its incredible! for italian americans in southern new england…march 19th is a special day…. “its the second busiest holiday of the year.” an important day…for the patron saint of fathers and workers… “in italy, its actually celebrated as father’s day, st josephs day.” while churches and organizations celebrate in different ways…one thing is familiar in rhode island..the color red..a big dinner…and for dessert..thedessert..the zeppole pastry.. “i believe its an ancient tradition from many years ago…it started with a fried piece of dough with sugar on nit. probably evolved into adding a pasty creme to it..but its been a celebration for a long time. the folks at la salle bakery in providence were up all night making sur



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