Your Grocery List: The Pistachio Principle

How eating and enjoying pistachios can help you eat healthier and slow down your eating habits.
charlie. >>> megan thanks, you know with one great way to enjoy the holidays is always great food. but if you don’t want to pack on the holiday lbs, think about healthy alternatives. nutritionist is in with us and has a great recipe. before this a lot of things you may not know about this nut. what do you think about pe classes mandatory or optional. >> i am a big fan of physical activity and healthy food and the balance and if kid can get that in their mind early on and anything we can do to support that is a positive. >> one great way to do that is through great eating the balance of diet and activity. we are talk pistachios it’s nut night a nut. >> and people may overlook. >> right. and there’s some great research. a doctor at eastern illinois university came up with the pistachio principle that can help you manage weight through the holidays. based on the fact we lost our perception



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