Your Grocery List: Summer Melons

Knowing how to pick out the perfect melon to enjoy this summer while also trying some of the types you may not have heard of before.
melons and we’re lucky to have produce manager dave in. you always come in, you have great tips and i was saying to you this is always intim dates me because i want to guy bye it. >> you can look at all the other cantaloupes, honeydews, watermelons intimidate everybody because they are r they’re thicker — they’re thicker and you don’t know if they’re ripe. . what do you do? >> well, watermelon, what you’re going to do is pick up your watermelon, it will give you an indication as weight. you want it as heavy as possible. that tells you the moisture content inside the watermelon. >> heavy is a good. >> heavier the better. you want it as juicy as possible. watermelon is about 80% water. you talk about dehydration in the summer, watermelons have a high water content. just kind of bump on it a little bit. you want to see if it has a hollow sound to it, still has that firmness to tthe skin is



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