Your Grocery List: Fighting Diabetes

There are a number of good foods, especially starches, that can help not only diabetics, but any of us who are trying to eat healthier.
ster — we will talk about a healthy meal. we are focusing in on those with diabetes but you’re saying it could be for good for everybody. >> sure. >> good for everybody. we know that pasta ranks as one of the top 50 item in the grocery store aisle in term of dollar sales. >> yeah. >> and. >> top 50. >> yes which means it’s a family item. everybody is eating pasta. and recent years we have seen the new items showing up in this healthy pasta category that’s taking an increasing chunk of that fill. so, healthy pasta anything from some of e whole grain added and some have omega three fats added and other nutrients vitamin d and calcium and extra fiber. >> you are big supporter of this aren’t you? >> it’s interesting to stand in the aisle to see what’s popping up. >> what grabs you when you walk down the aisle. >> i spend sometime there yesterday. and it is great to see whole grain choices a



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