Your Grocery List: Festive Cheeses

Finding and serving festive cheeses perfect for the holiday season.
>>> welcome back to “good morning, maryland “at nine. monica tomson is here to talk about us. she knows all things about cheese and this time year it’s important that we accent many of the holiday parties and platters with good cheeses. >> i agree i couldn’t agree more. >> something we forget? >> don’t think it’s something we forget. but i think what we forget is how easy it is to entertain with cheese. >> and. >> this is a few tips. >> if you don’t know cheese is like wine. i mean, there’s so many variety and you learn so much and it’s nstantly an evolving learning process. let’s start with the basic and show us what we need for the season. >> the basic for entertaining would be start with something that you know. gouda is familiar. but what a lot of people doesn’t know is there’s other kinds this’s ageed gouda and smoked. and gouda with bacon. step outside the box if of your familiarit



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