Your Grocery List: Cooking With Sausage

Chef Edd Hite joins us to show how to make a delicious meal with sausage – and it’s sweet and sour!
somebody up. unbelievable. it’s wednesday and chef ed what a lot of news. last too many i saw you you were single. >> i got married after the last segment. yeah. >> they love you when you do your tv work. >> absolutely. >> we are working on sausage what is this all about. >> this is the sausage today it’s sweet and sour italian dish. what i did was go ahead and brown the sausage the. this is great to get the carmellation and make a nice flavor and lock in the juices. as we brown that, we are going ahead and actually layer the cabage and red onions on top. let them wet down and that is slow cook dish even if you didn’t want to do it in the pan you can do it in the crock pot so do it at home definitely. so in a mixing bowl add tomatoes, red ne vinegar and that’s going to give us our sour our golden raisins,sugar. >> and ha are golden raisins do? >> it’s going add sweetness along with the s



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