Your Grocery List: Cheeses And Salads

Easy salads with the added flavor of cheeses to add some zest.
two cents head to the abc2news.com facebook fan page. >>> i call you the cheese lady. today you’re going to make an easy salad. you can do it right now and have it for lunch. >> that’s right. a few ingredients. get yourself a plate or bowl. especially when it’s humid. >> what kind of greens are you using in there? >> this is a baby roman with spring mix mixed in. >> how about that? >> th is brijuto. some greek. top it off with balsamic vinegar and oil. done. >> she’s always looking for slender and nice and easy. is this one of those? >> keep in control how much of your ingredients your oils and your cheeses you put in. you need the protein and calcium. everything in moderation is good for you. >> take a look at these. olives over here. >> a lot of super markets offer mediterranean bars. on there they ha the olives, rosa tomatoes. those tomatoes come with a fantastic marinating oil. you d



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