Yellowfinn Jalapeno Poppers 12/14/2010

Yellowfinn shares their jalapeno poppers recipe
mountainland design. . >> we’ve promised to heat it up in the kitchen here today on “good things utah”. greg joining us from yellow fin. we are making jalapino poppers. >> we will make i make it hot in here. hot in the studio. >> it is cold outside so it might as well be hot somewhere. >> here we are spicey tuna. that is thai chili sauce. you don’t — at our restaurant, we run that all day. >> you like it spicey, too. you don’t skimp. >> i’m not afraid of the spice, not at all. i’m not going to lie to you, we will get a little bit of 7 spice, japanese 7 spice. >> is that spicey too,. >> it’s spicey, three. >> because you have done through one and two. >> dust her in there. that’s also known as togerashi, if you go to the oriental market. >> little bit of — little sesame oil. >> do you like it as hot. >> i like everything hot and i’ve always made everything hot. >> that’s a fact. >> peop



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