Yankee Pot Roast

We’re cooking Yankee Pot Roast in the kitchen with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
the song. >> love it. >> let’s head over dto the kitche n. pat, let me hear your best michael jackson right now. >> how are you. michael jackson impersonations. you guys interested in trying it? >> no, not today. we’re veryry respectful today, it’s veterans day and all of the great men and women that served this country, i’m on good behavior today. >> low octane joe zito, just the way we like you. we’re going to have a yankee pot roast this morning. >> we’re doing a new england and americana favorite. yankee pot roast. i just w ant to touch upon the peat right away — meat rightwa away, because people are afraid of yankee pot roaste inro general, they’re afraid oeyf the secondary cut of meat wt hichhi take a long l time to cook and you have to make s ure youma take a long timae l cooking them and it’s time consuming. um you don’ t have to do anything. it’s the oven doing all the work. >>



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