Wow Your Guests At Easter Dinner

Wow your guests at Easter dinner
>> i love the fact that you have edible centerpieces. >> i wanted to do something different than just dyeing eggs so i did a little decoupage, then i wanted to do something for fun — more fun. i created a zebra pattern here. >> you get inspiration from your favorite artists? >> absolutely. i love art. i robbed my sister’s nail polish drawer and creteed these artistic eggs with nail polish. >> if you’re looking for the red nail polish, there it is. >> it was the bottom of the barrel for all of it. >> you really go all out when it comes to making gifts for your guests. >> i started off with little bird whistles. then when you open up your napkin i created a little bit of a planted surprise. you pop it open and voila, you have chocolate easter eggs that roll out on the table. >> throw a couple my way. i have to make sure they are etible for everyone else. >> you can actually go a step furt



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