WOW Egg Omelets

WOW Egg Omelets
that. we will be sure to air them. >> we are going to make breakfast this morning. we are in the kitchen with ike. we are going to make omelets. >> yes, we are. we have ingredient here. one of the special things that we will have is roasted all men’s — omens — almonds. we are going to start off with getting the bacon ready. >> ok. we put the list of ingredients on the screen for the folks at home. we are going to start making the potatoes first because they will take the longest. ok. i will step over to this side so i am not in your way. i am happy to help. >> we will start with the bacon. that will take a few minutes to — >> you have that kind of small. is that being mixed in with the potatoes? >> yes. a little, let casserole in itself. — a little omelet castle in itself. with the bacon, we’re going to put some italian bread crumbs on it to give it a little extra flavor. >> why did



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