Worst Holiday Dishes

Which concoctions will you pass over at your holiday feast?
whole package. good luck inialing. there you go. >>> earlier on facebook we put out the sound off which family holiday foo do you like the least. >> okay. which one do you dislike. we have great responses >> really good ones. >> and aley and lindsey agreed on ambrosia salad. if you don’t know what it is marshmalloy and fruit and walnut. >> she says it makes her gag just thinking a it. >> i know. >> rochelle wrote in her least favorite is walnuts. her mom puts them in every holiday dish and she wouldn’t like the ambrosia salad. >> sherry, you have minnesota audience. >> yes. >> and jeanine’s is gat. >> stuffing. the absolute worst food eve >> this is disgusting? >> christine said my late mother ma taking a pig’s head and boilt down to a gel on the in us mass a the head of the pig wouldit inhe sin and gray and the eyes would be in a cup next to it. that’s disgusting? >> thank you for writi



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