World’s Biggest Burger

It took a couple of chefs in Australia more than 24 hours to create the biggest burger ever. Ingredients include 162 pounds of ground beef, four pounds of lettuce, 16 tomatoes, and 150 slices of cheese.
Details coming up in a moment.nnGet the parka ou.nnThat’s right.nnAnd speaking of cheeseburgers in paradise, our producer admits she loves to eat cheeseburgers for breakfast but this one may be even too much for her. It is more tn 200 pounds making it the biggest burg ner the world. Appetizing?nnNot in the least.nnIt took a couple of chefs in australia more than 24 hours to create the master piece. 162 pounds of ground beef. Four pounds of lettuce. 16 tomatoes and 150 150 voices of cheese. And guess — slices of cheese. And guess how much it cost to make that big boy?nn$815.nnDan shaffer.nnReally?nnYes.nnNot cheap at all.nnYou think they would give you a free drink with it.nnYes.



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