World Of Flavors Annual Event

Jordan and Seth discuss World of Flavors event in Providence.
back on the live blog and chat with us. for now, we’ll head into the kitchen. lily, what’s happening? >> patrias just introducing some of the ingredients and our crew here noticed these giant corn. that’s amazing. but any way, i’m here with jordan and seth, because we’re talking about the world of flavor. tell me a little bit about what this eve is. >> it’s going to be at the fleet skating center downtown on sunday, july 12, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and basically the event is just bringing cultural diversity to providence, you know, having people recognize, you know, rhode island as not just italian and seafood, we also have bolivian, which sandy is here to cook and we have a broad array of restaurants and we like to show that to the public on sunday. >> seth, what can people expect on sunday when they go to the world of flavors event? >> they can expect a broad range of food, everyth



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