World Environment Day

World Environment Day The Daily Grub
>> on the environment last week we talked about arts and transportation and we welcome food coordinator eric williams along with el lian. how are you doing? thanks for coming with us. >> thanks for being here. >> talk about world environment day in terms of food. >> world environment day started last year omaha was the host city and as the host city we scheduled several weeks of events on earth day and through the environment june 5th and food week comes up did and runs through the following saturday so there’s lots of events at restaurants community gardens, farm events. >> all week long we are talking food. i love it. you have a restaurant as well the daily grub. you will be showing us samples at the restaurant. what do you have here? >> what i have here is the popeep cream?รง spread. where is the camera? it kind of looks like a pesto and it is made out of papita which are pumpkin seed



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