World Burrito Championships In NM

The World Burrito-Eating Championships will be held Friday at the New Mexico State Fair. Brothers Kobi and Nick Bauer preview the event and take on each other in a 45-second mini-competition.
at one of those events coming up on friday. the 2009 world burrito eating championship. it is a sanctioned event of major league eating and this group doess all the big eating events like nathans famous hot dog eating contest at coneynt island on the 4th of july. we have some local boys nick and kobi bauer. nick yo u are in from here but now in houston, kobi here in albuquerque. nick you have competed corecently. you guys will haveil 10 minutes to eat as many garcia’s beiaef, bean andef green chile burritos as possible. the record is 11 4 oz burritos in that time. what’s your goal? ok let’s have a demonstration. we’re going to go for 45 seconds. prize is $3,000. this is the 2009 world burrito eating championship at the state fair pavilion. friday, september 18th at 2:30 p.m. don’t go away… the answer to the question of the day …. is coming up. also… israel is often marred with viol



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