Woodstock Burgers

Woodstock Restaurant
benefits. until next week, i’m peter nielsen. >>> there is a new restaurant in town with a unique theme. we have gene kasappas with us. tell us how the products are made at the restaurant. >> this is a choice beef burger. it is 80-20. it is healthy for you. it is never frozen. it is fresh. it is a good product. all of our produce is very quality. they hand pick everything for us. >> the name woodstock. how did you come up with that? >> i was talking talkinwith my father and friends. i said it is a new time. let’s get thing going. music and peace brings people together. this is a good theme with a burger and hot dog and fresh fries. >> a lot of people dream of opening their business. is it tough? >> yes. a bit of advertising and time invested, it does good. >> dine in and takeout. >> we are at 6 mile and newburg in the key bank plaza. >> you have a facebook page? >> yes. >> do you recomme



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