Wonderful Sugar Cookies!

Wonderful Sugar Cookies!
we’ll explain when we come back. > wonder woman. getting ready to hit the theaters. we have wonder women’s bakery in the kitchen. are you excited about the movie, stephanie? >> yes, we are excited. and that is stunning and you you guys opening up in the street in the place and you guys are making sweetness and breakfast and what are we going to make today. >> famous sugar cookies. soon to be famous. >> and so you go with the eggs. >> and yeah, and then make all of our more liquid items. are are and that looks so good. tell me the things you serve for breakfast. and that is sausage. and we have a tremton on. >> and i was trying to pronounce that and i couldn’t get to it. and next we are going to go to baking powder, yes, sir. and that is a lot of sugar cookies. yes, it is. my goodness. and you have been on the show for those of you who watched regularly. you have been on. and you are at z



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