Women’s Spa And Women’s Wellness

94.9 MIXfm and Mega 106.3 are holding the Women’s Spa and Wellness Showcase on Saturday, March 12th at the Courtyard of La Encantada. The bi-annual event, focused on bringing attention to women’s total well-being, is free and open to the public.nnThe Women’s Spa & Wellness Showcase is a one day event intended to educate and delight the bodies, minds and souls of women. Among the beautiful and serene setting of La Encantada, women will learn about the products and services that can help them lead healthier, happier and more balanced lives. It also will feature cooking demonstrations, doggie fashion shows and prize giveaways.
>>> ladies, this one’s for you, there’s an event coming up devoted completely to your girlfriends. leave the gentlemen mind and head over to your favorite shopping center in tucson for a day that celebrates all things women. hey, ladies. >> if you own a business, there’s time to get in front of hundreds of women who are going to the event. here to tell us more is mrs. g from the bobby rich morning mix on 94.9 mixfm, thank you for the show. >> good to see you guys. >> good to see you. before you get to the biggest event, the showcase, tell us about the event, who’s it for? >> it’s basically for anybody who wants to learn more about feeling healthy. it’s all about mind, body and spirit is what we say and we truly mean that. when you’re thinking about things like body, you’re thinking about massage, you’re thinking about acupuncture, you’re even thinking about chiropractors. >> sure. >> bec



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