Women’s Expo Food

Food at the women’s expo in Wallingford
cable. tripalooza: the euphoria felt… when experiencing a triple bundle from at&t. at&t. your world. delivered. >>> we have heard al about the all of the great things ofered at the upcoming fun girls night out for your mind and body. how about your stomach, appetite? we have leo gallagher from eli’s restaurant and brandon from lansdowne. welcome to both of you. >> hi. >> thanks for being here. one of my favorites, fondu. let’s start here. tell us about the eli’s restaurant group. >> we have three restaurants, hampden, pizza place, and branford on top of the hill. >> you have a girl’s night every thursday. >> martinis, half price appetizers, charlene, sponsoring the expo, she does all of our computer work — >> there was already a connection there. >> yes. >> you figured this would be perfect. >> absolutely. >> tell me the secret. i have tried to melt chocolate at home, and the



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