Wolfgang Puck Helps Cook Up A Benefit For A Tulsa Hospital

World famous chef Wolfgang Puck donated his time to help raise money for a Tulsa hospital.
the tulsa restaurant that bears his name. diners will enjoy world-class cuisine… and as 2-news photojournalist john guthery found out… the real winners are hundreds of sick children. nats 23:23 the tables are set and the water is boiling, but this not just any normal day of prep. sot wolfgang: how are our short ribs.. tender already it’s not every day that you have a world renowned chef in town. wolfgang puck is here making sure all is well. 37:04-37:09 wolfgang: you can eat that with a fork mmm delicious and making sure that all of the ingredients are perfect. 35:20-35:24:26 wolfgang: beautiful truffles these will cost you $2,000.00 a pound no, they did not have anyone call out sick, wolfgang says… 31:24-31:38 wolfgang: we are here tonight doing a benefit for st. francis hospital … going to cook for 24 people so what does wolfgang think of his brookside hot spot? 32:32-32:51 wol



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