An interview with Wolfgang Puck.
for you and we are going straight to the ultimate source for that. good morning. >> good morning to everybody. >> thank you so much for joining us on “the rhode show” this morning. i wanted to ask you, we’re certainly ready to bring in spring here. the weather is starting to get nicer. what suggestion do you have for a great dish that will really impress the family? >> well, i really believe one of the dishes you can try at home, it’s not really that complicated, is a great risotto, spring vegetables, you can add a little bacon in it for a little smoky flavor or sausage or gulf shrimp, so things like that, and look how beautiful it looks. i started one here, and with asprayer gust, a — asparagus, leeks, it’s tasty, an everybody will think you’re a great chef. >> it doesn’t seem to be that expensive. >> it’s not expensive. cook at home, but it won’t be home if you don’t have the right ut



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