Witch Hats

Witch hats
corner. if — halloween is right around the corner. we have some great ideas for the kids. you got to come on the show. good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> we were talking that sometimes you have this special neighbors in the neighborhood, and? stead of dropping the candy bar into the bucket you want to do something special. >> this works great for that. you can fill it up in little bags to go and make it look cute. there is little surprise candies inside. so it’s more than just a little witch hat. it’s nice for the kids who come to your house all the time. you know them more than the other tricker treaters that you have. or if you have younger children and they have halloween parties, they ask for treats. this would be a great way to have something to take home. >> or even to take these into the office. witch hats. no baking required. you had me at that. i love that. kind of a



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