Wisconsin Foodie

host of wisconsin foodie talks about cheese
only food, he knows cheese. this is kyle, he is the host of a great show on public television called wisconsin foody. we go way back. >> what’s happening? thanks for having me in the kitchen. >> love to have you. tell us what do you. >> wisconsin foody is the story of where your food comes from it’s basically the growers, the renders, the plowers, the tillers, cheese makers, the great resources and the culinary gems that haven’t necessarily been turned over in our state d highlighted as much. it’s the story of the people, essentially, and how does it get from farm to our mouths. >> you go all over wisconsin, and you’re in search of these little, great places, these places that are secrets, maybe not everybody knows about. >> some secrets, and then we’ve got some things like in the cheese capacity on an international and national scheme. we are lauded beyond what we’re aware of, so to foc



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