Winter Wine Impact

Real challenge comes with late spring freezes
killer freeze – to make a vineyard like this struggle. struggle.in texas, it’s true the weather can wreck the wine industry. industry.there are 280 family-owned vineyards in the state.they generate 1.35 billion dollars each year for our economy… and employ more than nine thousand people in the process. process.today, kxan’s josh hinkle travelled back to flat creek to see how the owner is weathering what could be ahead. 3 madelyn naber: “looks like it’s winter in the vineyard.” brown and brittle, the rows of grape vines at flat creek estate are waiting for better weather.trooper, this vineyard’s mascot, has the same idea.naber: “he picks his place in the sun hand talks someone into bringing his bed and blanket over to make sure he’s cozy.”you’ll find him here, while owner madelyn naber walks the fields, wondering if she’ll have to purchase grapes from other vineyards again. again.naber:



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