Winter Beet Salad For The Holidays

Jason Dady shows us how to create a delicious salad using golden beets
>> welcome back to “san antonio living. we are back in the kitchen with chef jason beaty, and whenever i need a recipe, this is the guy that i call, and i figured that you would have a couple up your sleeve for the holidays. >> and what better time? >> and this first one is something that is a little bit unusual, not something that people are used to making every day making it perfect for the holidays but it’s simple enough that you can replicate it at home for the holidays. >> and it’s getting chilly outside, and we have some golden beets. when i cook it’s about finding one ingredient and then parlaying it from there. and these are not quite as earthy. >> and are you looking at them in a can or on the produce aisle. >> definitely a fresh product with the stem on them and you with braise those down as well. >> so what do you do with your beets to make them look like this? we roasted them



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