Winner Of Plasma TV Announce

One lucky person has won a brand-new 42 inch plasma tv from Ronzio’s Pizza and Sub.
i’m melissa sardelli. >> wouldn’t it be great to watch sunday’s game on a brand new pizza. ronzi o”s tv has been running a contestant to win a brand newew hdtv. congratulations to john la duke from pawtucket, you are the winner of a new plasma tv, just in time for t sunday’s game, so you should stay by your phone today, because we’ll be giving you a call, let you know how t ho opick up your tv. and big thank you to our friends from ronzio’s who ar re nice enough to bring if pza for us this morning, this looks awesome and smells delicious. you don’t need to be watching football to eat piece sarks you can be watching “the rhode show,” which youou guys do every morning, so a big



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