Wing Wars: The Champ Is Here

Wing Wars: The Champ is Here
>> andy: good news, we’re getting so close to wing wars. how far out? >> meaghan: almost here. >> andy: how many teams? >> 18. ism but we still need you. because you have to go out, and you have to eat all of this goodness. cody is in. and i’m afraid of you, sir. and it has nothing to do with your beard or your cowboy hat. this is already burning the nostrils. what have you done? >> well, our traditional is the buffalo is more than carolina reefer, ghost pepper sauce. >> andy: when reefer is involved in the sauce name, you might want the take pause. >> that’s what we have on this side, some extra sauces. >> andy: if you’re into cruel and unusual punishment, you have that covered. >> on this side over here, just our standard dry rub. >> andy: you can get this over by the greenway. >> the new location at the smokehouse on 6103 coulter. >> my dad loves that. i think he would eat there every



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