Wing Wars: Aqua One

Wing Wars: Aqua One
>> andy: wing wars is on the way. that means we’re serving up wings in the kitchen. i want the welcome back in brad with aqua one. you brought a friend, bailey. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> are you the brains behind this operation? >> most of the time. >> >> andy: i don’t doubt that at all some this is going to be a fun, quick recipe you can do at home. so tell me what all you put in here, bailey. >> we put some canned chipotle. >> andy: easy enough. >> then we have some cranberry sauce. >> andy: then you just add it in there and warm it up. >> uh-huh. >> andy: for the adults at this point. for competitions sometime, maybe they put in some adult flavoring. >> the adult flavoring, as far as bourbon, whiskey, that actually adds flavor when you’re cooking it. >> andy: right. and don’t worry, it cooks off and leaves the flavor. that’s nothing to worry about. so do you love wings? >>



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