Wines That Keep You Warm By The Fire

A wine that’s served hot and one made from frozen grapes.
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” you know it’s getting a little bit chillier outside, and you’re probably looking for the perfect wine to keep you warm over the winter season. >> tangy is joining us this morning. happy new year. >> it’s good to see you back. >> i love that you brought a portable firepce for me. >> i wanted to create the mood for you. >> it’s got the ambience here. >> it will get colder tonight and you saw dave’s forecast. it will be cold this weekend. you start getting into the winter foods and the wintry wine. there are wines personally that are better this time of year. big red. i brought a delicious soup. i have this recipe on my site. >> this soup has been on their menu since day one. it’s incredible. pull out a nice big red. >> or go to beaudreau’s. >> let’s talk about winter whites. >> some are made in a different way, and some wines that you serve warm. >>



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