Wine Vending Machines Shut Down

There were consistent mechanical problems.
at grocery stores in our area have already been shut down..at least for now. cbs 21’s erica moffitt joins us live with the perry county mobile newsroom in watts township and erica, what’s going on with the machines? i’m told there have been consistent mechanical problems and that’s why if you head to a wine kiosk right now, you’ll see an out of order sign. take pkg sot joe conti ceo pa lcb we’ve been having ongoing problems at..all at one time. vo the pennsylvania liquor control board has placed thirty wine kiosks in grocery stores throughout our area. the machines are said to be very popular, providing a variety of wines in a convenient location but there have reportedly been problem with the technology, causing the machines not to dispense the bottles a customer has purchased. the machines will be worked on over the holiday weekend and are expected to be back up and running early next



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