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Kohler Food & Wine Experience offers a weekend of gala wine tasting events, wine and spirits seminars, culinary demonstrations, artisan cheeses, gourmet food makers and specialty shopping. Many of the Kohler Food & Wine Experience special events take place at the Stella Artois Main Stage sponsored by Stella Artois/Anheuser-Busch.nnKohler Food and Wine
>>> welcome to “the morning blend.” if you thought wine tastings were for those whoove and know everything about wine. up new york stock exchange an expert in the house to give you step by step and relax at even the fanciest of wine tasting? >> steven beaumont is president of the wine resort and wine educator. fancy title. good morning, steven. >> good morning to you. >> how do you become a wine educator. >> i worry about that name educator. it sounds high brow. >> i love your accent. >> thank you. >>> just learning more about wine helps you enhance and the more you learn about it and know about it. i think the greater the enjoyment can be. it doesn’t have to be high brow. wine tasting is enjoyment and what you like is what you like. >> i think people are inmidated by wine tasting. we are excited. you can give us a guide h to relax and enjoy it. first, use all your senses starting with,



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