Wine Studies

Wine studies
it. we did our own decanting process – on this wine research – separating the information so the news you can use wil rise to the top and the rest wil settle. (pkg) c24 pouring wine wine is flowing more freely then ever in the 20’s to 30 year olds are realy getting into wine now and they’re not just driking the merlot and white zin they’re very excited about it :51 but recent health news could crush their spirits. we’ve highlighted in green all the places researchers say you could get cancer from drinking alcohol. scientists in the u-k went so far as to say even one glass of alcohol a day could increase a woman’s risk for cancer. but before you put the cork back in the botle, check this out. highlighted in red are all of the places researchers say your body might benefit from moderate dinking. when you put them together and compare it can be very confusing. 21:16 its hard to make any rea



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