Wine Over Water

Wine Over Water is one of Chattanooga’s annual signature events. nThis year they’ve added some additional events leading up to the big night.
while water is annual greater than out of medicinal event leading up to the big night 20 that morning get the details of the nina carmichael and kathy hutton is here are two beautiful ladies to help click on the sho today the great have you been in a great event takes place i get on where one street bridge address i would say every time ago on a never did the point that the though it’s a much find the relaxed beautiful and whatever waters always the end of september beginning of october i got this first crisp fall night you just beautiful s it got always been really nice evening to be something that you can do the couple girls night and a lot of a lot of time groups that worm that’s an there’s a group of girls to come every year and from all over the country that they just convene here and i’m got somebody coming from kentucky on their boat thi year and a big group of eight or 10 of them



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