Wine May Aid Weight Loss

The water bottle is a workout staple, and certainly a good drink for those who are trying to maintain a slender figure, but according to new research women may gain less weight over time if they turn that water into wine.nnDr. Lu Wang from Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston followed nearly 20,000 healthy, middle-aged and older women. nnSome weight gain was typical over the 13-year study period.nnWomen who started with a normal weight were less likely to gain extra pounds if they drank light to moderate amounts of alcohol.nnThat means no more than two to three servings of beer or wine each day. nnThe link was strongest for red wine.nnWhile it’s true these women had healthy lifestyles overall, there seems to be something about the alcohol itself. nnWomen who didn’t drink any gained the most weight.nnRather than break bread with their wine, moderate drinkers also tended to eat smaller portions, cutting out carbs in particular.nnThe bottom line: If exercise is also a habit a little tipple could help tip the scales in your favor.



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