Wine Maker

Wine Maker
details coming up later in the show. >> all right, michelle. thanks. have you ever tried to figure out what the perfect wine is to go with a meal or maybe have nice frosty mug of beer on a warm day? you know, there are so many choices, that sometimes it really can be quite overwhelming. >> so here to give us an idea of what to look for when picking the perfect bottle of wine or beer, is a wine maker from italy and burke, a brewer from boston brewery. welcome, gentlemen. how are you today? >> very well. >> well, with thousands of wines to choose from, what do we do and how do we look for the perfect wine form the food that we are looking at? >> here, we have three different type ofoods an three different type of wines from the northwest part of italy, so we picked savignon blanc. >> is this good to go with any type of fish? >> any typ of fish, but rich fish. but with a body. body fish. >>



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