Wine & Food Tasting Extravaganza

Eating out for a great cause! It’s the 11th Annual Wine & Food Tasting Extravaganza benefitting the Nathan Adelson Hospice. Laura Coleman with Golden Monarch as well as an Adelson volunteer, as well as Stephanie Forbes, development manager with the Hospice, joined Shawn to talk about this great event.
>> shawn: dao, thank you. eating out is fun but eating for a great cause is great. sample delicious food from the finest restaurants in las vegas and fill a ned. the 11th annual wine and food tasting extravaganza is tomorrow. here to tell us about it a 0 laura coleman and stephanie forbes. i everyone, allison s is watching. >> they are. >> shawn: hello, good to see you. the 11th annual wine and food tasting extravaganza. how did this get started and wha can we expect? >> it got started 11 years ago but we started as a tea. and then we decided that not as many people showed up for tea. let’s go into having a wine tasting. and so at this — this was in 2000 we actually had — can i tell you the story. in 2000, my husband went and purchased a jaguar as a gift for me. >> shawn: nice life. >> hhe said do not tell my wife and they did and they said what can we do to make it up? i said how abou



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