Wine & Dine Wisconsin

Wine & Dine Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s “grand tasting event,” is a food and wine lover’s paradise. One ticket is all you need to enter the great hall – all 130,000 square feet of it, 40 percent bigger than in 2009 – to sip, taste and learn – from 120 exhibitors and 40+ chefs and presenters on the Chefs, Culinary, Cooks, and Wine & Libations stages – also sampling. All exhibitor food, wine, beer and spirits samples and stage presentations – plus the Robert Mondavi Discover Wine tour, The Club, and the Stella Artois beer garden – are included in your ticket price of $39 in advance available atnwww.WineAndDineWisconsin.comnnthrough Tuesday, Sept. 28. At-the-door $49. Critic’s Choice – featuring many of Carol Deptolla’s Top 30 restaurants in a special tasting area – and 11 classroom seminars on wine, spirits, beer and food – are SEPARATELY TICKETED and should be purchased in advance.
>>> welcome. our next guest is a big success in the restaurant world on a national level. he won aaa four diamond award and critics from the milwaukee journal sentinel gave hill the highest rating possible. four stars. the shepherd express nominated him as best chef in the city and now you can learn from the best. this is chef from dream dance along with david weis with wine and dine wisconsin. welcome, everybody. >> good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> thanks. >> we will get to you in a second. they gave you this nice, long intro and i want to talk to you about wine and dine wiscoin. this is something huge coming up. tell us about what it is. >> absolutely. >> coming up this weekend october 2 and 3 at the frontier airline center and soon to be southwest airline center, who knows after yesterday’s big news. >> but scores of wines and dozens of beers and milwaukee chefs on four li



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