Wine, Chocolate Make Great Holiday Gifts

We have a treat that could make a great gift for your loved one. Andrew Shotts from Garrison Confections, and Maria Glade from The Newport Wine Cellar joined The Rhode Show to demonstrate some chocolate and wine pairing.
site, foxprovidence.com.ro >> well, this morning, we have got a treat for you that could make a great gift for your loved one. joing me this morning from ro garrison confections is andrew shotz. >> good morning, how are you?? >> fantastic.an >> and joining me from newport winery cellar,ar maria. good morning. m >> good morning. >> we have>> chohacolate and wines. you say they actually go lightergh to heavier, what does that d mean is this. >> lighter body, lighter flavor, more delicate, you want to start with that and of move to the more — >> red wine or white wine? >> either one. today we’re just doing reds, but if you’re doing a d wine tasting, start with theth lightest and go to the heaviest.es toƱ[ >> andrew, what do we have here? >> we have a w salted carmel, we paired that with a red zin, then nwe have a french dessert wine, we’ve paired that with a stone fruit and the one you wa



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