Wine Barrel Tasting – Friends Of McConnell Springs

Wine Barrel Tasting – Friends of McConnell Springs
springs all while going to a c1 3 she’s here to tell us about the tenth annual wine barrel tasting for the springs. thanks for joining us. guest: laurie thomas, friends of mcconnell springs board member 10th annual wine barrel tasting for the springs saturday, march 25th 11am – 5pm for more information: 272-0682 mcconnellsprings.org topic: wine barrel tasting for the springs please list 1-2 paragraphs about the c1 3 okay and and with your $20 you get a really nice wineglass. friend and a little bracelet unit letting us know that yes you did not register you will go back into that winery and they are have wine there that still in the barrel it’s not not ready to be bottled almost result almost at its x-ray, said it’s peak so you will get to sample that almost ready to bottle wine is the story behind it is the winemakers are grading really getting a lot of ground history about the why know



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