Wine At The Maryland State Home Show

Lynette Charles introduces us to some of the great wines at the Maryland State Home Show.
i’m in. >>> we’re going to move along, time to spruce up the home now that you have your appetite all wet. we’ll talk about landscaping, jazz up the next party for you. we’re going to do that from the maryland state home show this weekend. we finally met lynette charles, out at the sauna. where did you go, lynette? >> good morning megan, good morning, everybody. house jam, invent the night. right here, randy will tell us what we have here. >> absolutely, we want to welcome everybody this weekend uh, tour maryland home and garden show. it’s this friday, saturday and sunday. 11:00 to 6:00 each day. come out, enjoy all the exhibits, the food, certainly the wine. >> i love that. >> reporter: we have wine tasting today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: tell us about the wine, my mouth is watering. >> these are all italian wines. wine wave, italian wine importer. this brand is called house jam. whi



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