Wine And Roses Italian Restaurant

1404 Cape Coral Parkway EnCape Coraln239-542-7177
From the man who has a menu, an enormous menu, restaurant with an enormous menu, extensive wine list, full bar, dine-in, take out, delivery and catering, welcome back chef jef from wine and roses in cape coral. Welcome back.nnThank you.nnHappy to have you here. Last time were you here people saw you onthe tv and made a few reservationses and came in. You have made a few changes over there. You have some additions. I was over there yesterday. Tuesday and thursday night, what are we cooking chef jef?nnAll kind of stuff today.nnWe tell you what’s coming up a special menu for sunday and monday night. Little fish fry.nnAbsolutely. All you can eat fish fry.nnAll you can eat. This morning all your eyes can eat. What are you preparing there, buddy?nnI’m going to make aurora dish and seafood scampi.nnWhat is aurora?nnCream, lemon juice, shallots, garlic fresh tomatoes and shallots and shrimp over



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