Wine And Roses

Making Veggie Primavera
everybody. a reminder to you from chef jeff, i just have to say, ladies and gentlemen, it’s national lasagna day. so we welcome chef jeff from wine and roses italian restaurant right smack dab in the heart of south cape coral. chef jeff as lasagna on the menu. i’ve got the menu here. a whole lot more. in fact, chef jeff, you say, you climb you are proud to exclaim that your menu is enormous. >> absolutely. >> with things on it like this. what are you coking up today. >> this is a veggie primavera, you can add sausage or shrimp or whatever you like, dress it up. >> it is for everybody. what have you put in here? you have been preparing this since you got here this morning about 4:30. what have you mixed into this? >> all fresh vegetables. garlic, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, everything fresh al sauteed together. >> you put it all together and as you said you can have this, if are you a h



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