Wine And Dine At The Newport Winefest

Coming up in August is the first ever Newport Winefest, where you’ll be able to sample hundreds of wines and spirits, and features dishes prepared by celebrity chefs.
All you have to do is head to foxprovidence.com.ox ben over to you.nnThanks so much, elizabeth. Coming up in a ugustmi is the first ever newport winefest, dishes prepared by celebrities chefs. Joining us is u executive chef of the copper beach inn and winner of the network series, chopped, tyler anderson. John, let’s start with you. .there’s going tog be a complimentary sampling at the event. Tell us a little bit about that.nnYes. Absolutely. We’re talking, you know, dozens do and dozens of wineries, hundreds of different wines, going to be something forin everybody, threeod days of tasting, friday, saturday, sunday, august 21, — 20, 21, and 22, and it’s just a great — these wine festivals are a great opportunity for people to explore maybe some wines that they haven’t tried before, to –.nnSo many people, wine is something you can — there’s so much to learn about. You’re constantly l



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